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tandemnursing's Journal

Nursing while pregnant, Nursing two, or more
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About the Community

This is a Pro-Breastfeeding community designed to offer advice and support to women who are attempting to nurse more than one child or nurse through pregnancy. Nursing tandem provides a whole new set of challenges even to expierenced breastfeeding mothers so here's a community designed specifically to adress those concerns.

Weather your nursing a toddler and an infant, nursing through a pregnancy or nuring twins or other multiples you are welcome here!

I'm still working on getting this up and running so please be patient over the next few days/weeks as thing get off thr ground. I'm looking for at least one other moderator so if you're interested in volunteering your time please drop me a line at orions_muse @ yahoo.ca or in my personal journal.

Rules thus far are as follows:

  • Keep it relatively on topic

  • Ask before you advertize

  • Be polite I'd like to keep this place as drama-free as possible.

  • Photo's are welcome but should be put under a cut especially so if they aren't work safe (please mention if they aren't work safe)

That's it for now, I'm pretty relaxed so just try and keep it civil and I won't have to start making up new rules :)

Helpfull Links:

More to come. If you'd like to add a link feel free to e-mail me a suggestion at orions_muse @ yahoo.ca

Mod Info:
Hi *waves* I'm dreamsreflected I'm your mod for now. I'm attempting to nurse a toddler while pregnant with full intent to nurse them both when the baby is born in November. I have low (no) supply at the moment so my poor little love is rather frustrated at the lack of boobie snacks but she tries anyway. My nursing story can be found in my personal journal (it's the only public entry so you won't have troubble finding it) I'm a mentor over at adopt_a_mom, and also deal with nursing mom's at my job (I work part time in child care) and anything else you may want to know, feel free to ask.